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UF Campus Security

The university of Florida, home of the Gators, is one of the best schools and most beautiful campuses in the world. But like every school there are things that happen that just shouldn’t. Many times these incidents are turned over to Law Enforcement and investigated. Other times, wether reported to Law Enforcement or not, they are just are not investigated.

These incidents sometimes have a big effect on your personal life and you need them resolved but feel that you have nowhere to turn, that is not the case. Regius offers the best Private Investigators Gainesville and has been setting the standard for Private Investigations in Gainesville for quite sometime. Regius will stand by you and will do everything possible to help your resolve the issue and get a favorable out come.

Campus Safety Awareness

As college students head back to campus or register for the first time, many won’t think about what they
can do to ensure they are safe as they rush off to classes — and to parties.  We here at Gainesville Private Investigations think every student should remember a few basic rules that will help keep them safe as they begin or return to their college experience.  With this in mind, will be posting some simple safety reminders that will help keep our most prized possessions (our children) safe as they head out on their own.

  1. Parties – A great social life is part of the college experience but remember Never put down your beverage and come back to it. Date rape drugs are prevalent on the college scene and are impossible to detect without a test kit. Go to parties as a group, watch out for each other, and leave together. Alcohol is involved in the majority of university sexual assaults and a nice guy can quickly turn into a different and violent person when he is under the influence.

Cheating Boyfriend

There is just something different in your relationship, he just is not the same guy. Your women’s intuition is telling you something is wrong. What do you do now? Answer, hire the best Private Investigators Gainesville FL has to offer, Regius.

Regius’, Gainesville Private Investigations services will get you facts. They will inform you of what these fact are so you can make an informed decision about your future.

Child Support Recovery

If you have come to our site because you or someone you know has a deadbeat spouse in their life, you have come to the right place.  There are parents out there that owe thousands of dollars in back child support.  Many of the ex-spouses refuse to pay because they resent giving their ex a check.  They don’t realize that the money is for the children hence the term “Child Support”!!  If you are owed back child support and are looking to collect, we can help.  We can locate the deadbeat parent and work with the Child Support Recovery agency in your county to see that your children get what is owed to them.

Unemployment Scam

You have had to terminate an employee. you know that he or she is working off the books and it is costing your business money. This is not an uncommon event and something that Regius’ Private Investigators Gainesville deal with quite often.

The process of obtain the required evidence to prevent  further fraud will require the most skilled and professional Private Investigators Gainesville, Regius!


You have reason to believe your significant other is being less than faithful. While this is hurtful and alarming the “not knowing” is worse than “knowing the facts”. So how do we get the “facts”? That’s where Regius comes in, providing the best  Private Investigations in Gainesville, FL.

Regius provides the most professional and through Private Investigators Gainesville, FL has to offer. they will handle your case professionally and discreetly and provide you with the “facts”.

Who is My Neighbor?

The neighbor seems nice enough, but boy I just don’t like something about him/her. Why am I feeling like this? They have never done anything to me but, I just get this funny feeling…

Your home is the place where you are supposed be relaxed and safe. Not knowing is always worse than knowing the truth, that is where Regius, the leading Private Investigators Gainesville, come in. Regius handles all types of Private Investigations in Gainesville and we would be happy to help you get the facts on wether your instincts are correct?

Is My Child Using Drugs

Your child is just not acting the same. They are staying up late, grades are dropping and the friends have changed, what is going on? Are they going through a phase? Is this going to pass?

One thing is for certain you are the parent, you don’t have the option of burying your head in the sand. You have to do something! Regius, the best Private Investigators Gainesville has to offer, is here to help. They will take you through te many ways the Investigators can assist you in finding out if your child has a drug problem.

Injured or Faking

Fraud always goes up when the economy goes down. Sometimes people who never thought of doing something illegal, find themselves in a position where they are on the brink of financial disaster. They need to find away to make money and what better way then faking an injury. Maybe the incident is real but injuries are exaggerated. The bottom line is, you need answers, not only answers but factual answers.

Regius Investigators are highly trained and extensively experienced in providing facts that result in answer. Regius is known for unparalleled professionalism not only in Gainesville Private Investigations but at the national and international level as well. Regius is standing by to help you and yours.

Who hit my car

Your car is your “Pride and Joy”. Maybe it is that 69 Camaro RS/SS that you dreamed of or, maybe that kickin new Vette. No matter what it is, it is yours and now it is damaged and you want to know who did it. Was it an accident or was it on purpose. The guy who flipped you off at the red light??? Is this Criminal???

Regius offering the best in Private Investigations in Gainesville is on your side. The expert Investigators of Regius know how to get you answers and that is exactly what they will do.