Campus Safety Awareness

As college students head back to campus or register for the first time, many won’t think about what they
can do to ensure they are safe as they rush off to classes — and to parties.  We here at Gainesville Private Investigations think every student should remember a few basic rules that will help keep them safe as they begin or return to their college experience.  With this in mind, will be posting some simple safety reminders that will help keep our most prized possessions (our children) safe as they head out on their own.

  1. Parties – A great social life is part of the college experience but remember Never put down your beverage and come back to it. Date rape drugs are prevalent on the college scene and are impossible to detect without a test kit. Go to parties as a group, watch out for each other, and leave together. Alcohol is involved in the majority of university sexual assaults and a nice guy can quickly turn into a different and violent person when he is under the influence.