Disaster Response

Disasters, whether man-made or natural, are minimally predictable and are never really fully prepared for. There is also the mistaken belief that the disaster can be managed merely by an extension of routine emergency measures. However, disasters often pose unique problems for which routine emergency procedures are not well adapted.

That is why highly trained and experienced disaster response and mitigation teams represent an elite core of professionals. When it comes to disaster response, there is no room for the ill trained, experienced devoid or ambivalent.

It is our exclusive access to proprietary training programs through our parent company Vertus, combined with an extensively experienced management team whose focus on accountability sets Regius apart. We are afforded unique capabilities that allow us to limit the exposure of our clients, reduce their liability and positively position our clients in the public eye when disaster strikes.

Our training and management style trickle down to all of our personnel. We are not only prepared with the necessary requisites of the task at hand, but we are prepared for the collateral digressions as well through our training. Personnel are schooled in intuitive integration skills & public relations savvy.

We provide rapid emergency response teams to secure property and assets immediately after a disaster to minimize further loss. We integrate into the communities we work in to foster favorable relations and mutual respect by taking a proactive approach. We know how to handle the media, public inquiry and coordination of services. We expertly partner with first responders, emergency aid organizations, government officials, and others, to provide seamless assistance.