Private Investigators in Gainesville

Are you in need of private investigators in Gainesville that can obtain the information you need through legal, discreet and professional investigative strategies?

We can do that. We present you with the exculpatory information as well as the inculpatory information in a case, allowing for better trial preparation.

We have associates located throughout the United States as well as internationally and can find information on anyone anywhere.

Most of our Gainesville private investigators and undercover agents have police and/or federal experience or have expert knowledge and experience in specialized areas of investigations. All of our Lead Investigators have extensive experience with a Federal, State or Major Municipal agency.

Our Private Investigators are highly trained individuals who use a wide variety of tools. These tools go beyond the basic duties of the average investigator to include statement analysis techniques, developing rapport with subjects, strategically using evidence in interviews, enhancing witness memory, and language deception. They must also be knowledgeable about court procedures, evidence collection, preservation and admissibility and statutory laws.

Regius’ success lies in our ability to provide results for our clients. We are aggressive in obtaining what you need because of robust strategy and stealth while still affecting a discreet and professional profile.

If you’re looking for private investigators in Gainesville that will get the job done right, give us a call today.

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