Gainesville Private Investigations: About Regius

If you’re looking for Gainesville private investigations, you’ve come to the right place.

Regius is a national and international niche market provider of investigative and protective services. Regius, serves our Government and the Commercial & Private Sectors with uncompromising integrity and respect in all that we say and do.

It is our exclusive access to proprietary training programs through our parent company Vertus, combined with an extensively experienced management team whose focus is on accountability that sets Regius apart. We are afforded unique capabilities that allow us to work discreetly, professionally and expeditiously.

Our training and management style trickle down to all of our personnel. We are not only prepared with the necessary requisites of the task at hand, but we are prepared for the collateral digressions as well. Our Investigators are trained in intuitive investigative skills & modern technologies allowing them to be efficient and thorough. We integrate all of our services for private investigations into the Gainesville community to foster favorable relations and mutual respect by taking a proactive approach.

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